About Us

Federation Walk contains a spectacular off leash park

We created Great Dog Walks to provide information, ideas and inspiration to help you and your dog explore the great outdoors together. Especially what you want most – Dog Friendly Beaches!

Australia has one of the highest incidences of dog ownership in the world. We love sharing our lives with our pets, but if you have a love of outdoors it can be confusing to know whether you’re allowed to walk your dog through bushland areas, where you can take your dog off-lead, or if you can take your dog to the beach.

Great Sydney Dog Walks

The first resource we created aims to inspire you to get out and take your dog somewhere spectacular “Great Sydney Dog Walks – the dog-lover’s guide to exploring Sydney”.

If you and your dog are bored of walking the same old route, or you have ever asked the question "Where can I go walking with my dog in Sydney?" then this book will show you over 40 walks, all the council off-leash parks in the Sydney area, dog-friendly beaches and a variety of dog-friendly state parks and forests surrounding Sydney. So enjoy life with your dog!

Sydney Dog Friendly Parks

With backyards shrinking and more pets being accepted in apartments, finding places for your dog to be able to wander off lead, socialise with other dogs and to chase a ball are at a premium. With this in mind, Great Dog Walks provides a Sydney Dog Friendly Parks Lists. The list is updated regularly based on local council information.


Dog Friendly Beaches

But the most sort after activity for most dog owners is taking their dog to the beach! Sydney is blessed with over 60km of ocean fronting beaches. So it is a little disappointing for the five hundred thousand registered dogs in Sydney that dogs are banned from nearly every Sydney ocean beach. Even on a lead!

But don’t give up hope as there are a few dog-friendly harbour beaches, bays and lagoons where you and your dog can enjoy mucking about in the water. Check out our video here. We also provide details of all the dog-friendly and off-leash beaches in NSW.

The team behind Great Dog Walks include myself (Katie) , Rocky and Coco. But the inspiration for writing a book on where you can walk your dog came from my beautiful German Shorter Haired Pointer Stella. Stella was incredibly active, but unsuitable for off-leash parks, so I needed places where we could walk for at least an hour and where neither of us would be bored. So Great Dog Walks was born.

We hope that the information inspires you to get out with your dog and enjoy what Sydney and NSW has to offer.